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At AnnieMac Home Mortgage, we want you to have a fair shot at owning a home your family will love. That's why we've partnered with AnnieMac Private Equity Cash2Keys to provide access to two groundbreaking programs that give both new and existing homeowners a smooth, stress-free path to your ideal homes.

Cash2Keys Is Changing Lives


The cash 2 keys program was likely what set out offer apart and ultimately won us the house. Andy's team was very helpful in answering any questions I had and made the process much simpler than I feel like it could've been.


Andy was not only a pleasure to work with but very knowledgeable and very responsive. He worked with us every step of the way and was able to get our clients to the closing table in 13 days! Thank you so much to Andy and his team!

Loan Officer

My borrowers were able to purchase their dream home In Pennsylvania on September 12th using Annie Mac Private Equity Cash!! They sold their house on September 19th and got the mortgage through us then. This program allowed them to remove all mortgage and home sale contingencies! Without this program these buyers don't get their dream house because they had to sell their house before they could buy.

Loan Officer

BUY NOW SELL LATER DOES IT AGAIN!! There isn't anything better than this. These buyers would have never gotten this house with having to sell their current house too. GRATEFUL IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! Seemless as always! The support we have behind the scenes for these programs is unmatched!


Andy & Bryan were great guys to work with. They made the entire process very easy and help us get the house that we wanted under the asking prices in a crazy market! AnnieMac’s Cash2Keys Cash Buyer option helped us win the home! Thank you!

Loan Officer

I don't really know where to start but when we beat out over 15 offers and win because of our Cash Offer Program I know we have something special! We got this closed from Start to finish in 13 business days!


Michael Hummel and his team at Crown Mortgage Group/Annie Mac Home Mortgage was such a pleasure to deal with and extremely efficient and on top of the mortgage file. The mortgage process was smooth and timely. I have handled multiple files and worked with and represented a few clients that had the pleasure of working with Crown Mortgage Group and utilized the Cash2Keys program and it really helped my clients in acquiring properties and provided them with a competitive edge when presenting their offers.

Options With Cash2Keys

New Homebuyers

Cash Offer

Are you a first-time home buyer? That fact alone might get your best offers ignored by homeowners, but just because you’re starting from scratch doesn’t mean you should give up on the home of your dreams – and that’s where this program evens the odds!

Current Homebuyers

Buy Now, Sell Later

Perfect for current homeowners! We buy the home so you can move right in while taking the time to comfortably sell your old house and maximize your profit by accepting the highest offer possible! Once you've sold your old property, buy your new home back from us.

Benefits of Cash2Keys

Discover the benefits of a cash offer and see how we can help change your life!

  • Competitive Market

    Competitive Market

    Demand for homes is at an all-time high, and Cash Offers are the best way to beat the competition.

  • Short Supply

    Short Supply

    Available homes are scarce and flying off the market, so make a best first impression with a strong cash offer.

  • More Confidence, Less Stress

    More Confidence, Less Stress

    Relax! Cash offers give you the power to buy and sell homes on YOUR terms.

  • Even the Odds

    Even the Odds

    Don't be outshined by home buyers with deep pockets. Get a fair shot at your dream home with cold, hard cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AnnieMac Cash2Keys Cash Offer?

A Cash2Keys offer is a purchase contract backed by a cash offer. After a short due diligence period where you can have a home inspection and appraisal, the cash offer becomes non-refundable, and the seller knows that it will close. Once your offer is accepted, you can finance your mortgage through AnnieMac Home Mortgage, or your preferred lender to purchase the home.

Why are Cash Offers better than an offer with mortgage financing?

Sellers love cash offers and prefer them to financed offers. With an AnnieMac Cash2Keys Cash Offer, the seller knows that after the due diligence period the transaction is sure to close based on the terms of the offer and the backing of AnnieMac Private Equity Cash2Key.

How do I get started on an AnnieMac Cash Offer?

Apply Here After you complete your application, AnnieMac will be in touch to guide you towards your pre-approval.

What’s the catch? What do I have to pay for the Cash Offer service?

You pay a small Cash Offer fee that can be refunded at your closing when you use AnnieMac Home Mortgage and our local Title Partner. If your offer is not accepted, there is no Cash Offer Fee.

Where do you get the cash to purchase the home for me?

We fund off our operating account and warehouse lines established with partners.

Can I use my own agent?

Yes. Buying a home is a truly personal process. Only you can pick the best agent to guide and advocate for you.

Who controls the negotiations?

Just like a typical purchase, you and your agent have control over the negotiations and your due diligence (including inspection).

Is an appraisal required?

AnnieMac Home Mortgage requires an appraisal in many transactions. If you choose another lender, they will likely require an appraisal in most transactions.

Who pays for the home inspection and the appraisal?

As with most home purchases, the buyer will pay for the home inspection and appraisal.

Where is Cash2Keys available?

Cash2Keys is currently available in the states of New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Texas, Minnesota, Arizona, California, Oregon, Nevada, Georgia, Washington, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Idaho and Washington DC. As our programs expand to new markets, our website and FAQ’s will be updated to include those areas.

What does the Cash Offer process look like?

These are the main steps in a Cash Offer transaction:

  • Get pre-approved. Work with AnnieMac Home Mortgage to submit your income and asset documentation for a full review. If you are pre-approved, you are assigned a Home Purchase Coordinator that will work with you and your agent.
  • Cash Offer Agreement. Your Home Purchase Coordinator will discuss the steps and what is required of you upfront. They will give you this information in writing, and there will be an agreement with AnnieMac Cash2Keys to submit a cash offer on your behalf.
  • Make a cash offer. Find the home you’ll love. Your real estate agent and your Cash2Keys Home Purchase Coordinator will spring into action to draft and submit the cash offer.
  • Secure your home. When seller accepts your offer, your agent can arrange for the home to be inspected and the property appraised. You will review your disclosure documents, submit your earnest money deposit (3% of the purchase price on a primary residence), and review your home inspection.
  • Close on your new home. Your mortgage will be processed and you will close on your new home, backed by an AnnieMac Cash Offer.
Who is the Home Purchase Coordinator and what do they do?

The Home Purchase Coordinator works for AnnieMac Cash2Keys and is a specialist in Cash Offer and Buy Now, Sell Later. You are assigned a dedicated Home Purchase Coordinator and may speak with a different Home Purchase Coordinator if your dedicated HPC is unavailable.

The HPC is there to educate you on Cash Offer or Buy Now, Sell Later. They will walk you through the steps of the transaction beforehand so you know what happens at every step of the transaction and what will be required of you. The HPC will also communicate with your agent.

The HPC does not work with you on your mortgage. You will work with your Loan Officer and Processor for all your mortgage needs.

Can I get an inspection? What happens if the inspection comes back with issues?

Yes, the cash purchase contract executed between AnnieMac Cash2Keys and the seller allows for an inspection. You and your agent have complete control over negotiating any issues uncovered in the inspection that you choose to address with the seller. We will not purchase a home unless you and your agent are satisfied with its condition.

How do you make money?

We charge a Cash Offer fee that is typically a small percentage of the purchase price based on your state. If you use AnnieMac Home Mortgage and our local Title Partner to purchase your home, the Cash Offer fee is refunded in full.

When do I pay the Cash Offer Fee?

You pay an earnest money deposit and incorporated Cash Offer fee within 3 days of getting under contract. If you use AnnieMac Home Mortgage and our local Title Partner to purchase your home, the Cash Offer fee is refunded in full.

Are AnnieMac Home Mortgage interest rates higher when used to finance a home using Cash Offer or Buy Now, Sell Later?

Nope! The same low interest rates are used for Cash Offer and Buy Now, Sell Later, with no additional points.

Does AnnieMac Cash2Keys work with buyers looking to buy investment properties?

Not currently. AnnieMac Cash2Keys is dedicated to making homeownership attainable and only works for transactions for a primary residence.

Is AnnieMac Cash2Keys an iBuyer?

No. AnnieMac Cash2Keys empowers you to make a cash offer on your home.

Do I have to use AnnieMac Home Mortgage when I use Cash Offer or Buy Now, Sell Later?

You are not obligated to use AnnieMac Home Mortgage, but we’d love to work with you and offer exclusive discounts, unparalleled service and other benefits that you won’t find anywhere else.

How long does it take to get a Cash Offer Pre-Approval?

With a full submission of application and credit with income, employment, and asset documentation, underwriting pre-approval times are currently 48-72 hours.

If I am already pre-approved with a lender, do I need a pre-approval from AnnieMac Home Mortgage?

Yes, the Cash Offer pre-approval is a separate approval.

What happens after I am pre-approved with AnnieMac Cash2Key?

You will be assigned a Home Purchase Coordinator. The Home Purchase Coordinator will discuss the process with you and provide you with a written Cash Offer agreement that lays out the steps and specific requirements. You will then shop for your new home with your real estate agent.

What if I need to sell my home to buy another?

Buy Now, Sell Later, as the name states, allows you to turn this traditional requirement on its head and buy before you sell. AnnieMac Cash2Keys will make a cash offer on your behalf and allow you to move in and rent immediately upon closing. The rent is accrued but not immediately paid, so you will never have two housing payments. After you have sold your old home, you will buy your new home back from Cash2Keys.

What is the AnnieMac Buy Now, Sell Later program?

Buy Now, Sell Later eliminates the need to sell your home before you buy. Instead of listing your home with nowhere to move, AnnieMac Cash2Keys will make a cash offer on your behalf before you sell. When the offer is accepted and Cash2Keys closes, you move into the property and accrue rent that you pay later, after you have sold your home. Buy and move first, then prep and stage your home to maximize your sale price.

Does AnnieMac Buy Now, Sell Later purchase your current home?

AnnieMac wants you and your agent to sell your property to the highest offer. For this reason, we allow you to move into your new home and have two weeks of preparation to make it shine for potential borrowers. We only purchase your old home as a last resort. If your home has not sold in 180 days, AnnieMac purchases your home for the established conditional purchase price so you can take title to your new home.

How much will the rent be on my home until I complete the purchase?

The rent will be approximately what mortgage, tax, and insurance payments will be on the property. You will accrue rent from the day that AnnieMac Cash2Keys purchases your property but will not pay the rent until you sell your home. The rent will be pro-rated on a daily basis, so you won’t pay a full month’s rent if you rent for less than the full month. The Buy Now, Sell Later agreement that you sign after pre-approval specifies your rental payment.

How do you determine how much equity I have in my home?

Typically, an interior BPO (broker price opinion) must be conducted on your current home.

Do I need renter’s insurance while I rent and before I buy?

You should strongly consider renter’s insurance. Our insurance does not cover your personal property.

Are pets allowed while you are renting?

Of course! All family members are welcome.

Does my agent still make money off the transaction?


If my state charges a real estate transfer tax, how is this handled across the two transactions?

If you are participating in Buy Now, Sell Later or choose not to have the purchase contract assignable to you, there will be two transactions. AnnieMac Cash2Keys will pay any buyers share of transfer tax on the first transaction. On the second transaction, you will pay all transfer taxes associated with that transaction.

Is AnnieMac Private Equity Cash2Keys a mortgage lender?

No, AnnieMac Cash2Keys is not a financial institution. We are a business entity that purchases homes to secure them for you, our customers, who will eventually buy them back. Our affiliated company, AnnieMac Home Mortgage, is a mortgage lender.

Who makes the offer to the seller?

You’ll work with your agent to make, negotiate, and finalize the offer with the seller. Your dedicated Home Purchase Coordinator will assist and ensure the offer meets the terms of the approval.

Who orders the inspection?

This will be your home and you are responsible for ordering the inspection and reviewing the inspection results.

Why are there two contracts for Buy Now, Sell Later?

With Buy Now, Sell Later, there are two transactions. First, AnnieMac Cash2Keys purchases the home for you, and you take possession. After you sell your old home, you buy the home from Cash2Key. A purchase contract is required for each transaction.

What is the closing date of the contract between Cash2Keys and me?

The closing date is written as on or before 6 months from the current date. The closing date is often much quicker than 6 months, and AnnieMac will close sale with you as soon as you are ready.

Cash2Keys closed on my new home! Now what?

You’ll take possession as soon as we close on it and transfer the utilities into your name. Your agent will collect your new keys from the listing agent and give them to you.

What is a conditional purchase price?

When you choose to Buy Now, Sell Later, there will be a conditional purchase price. The purchase price is conditional because if you sell or get under contract for a higher price within 180 days, you are entitled to sell for the highest price and best terms offered to you. In the rare instance where you do not receive a higher offer, AnnieMac Cash2Keys will purchase your old home after 180 days to ensure you can purchase your new home.

How do you arrive at the conditional purchase price?

We typically have an interior broker price opinion completed and perform an analysis of home sales and listings in the market. The conditional purchase price is typically 91% - 95% of the home’s market value, minus a 6% real estate sales commission that will be paid when the home is resold.


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